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Our Story

Initially established as a Property Management Company in 2020, we made a strategic shift to focus on short-term rentals in response to the significant rise in domestic travel during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through our Master Lease Partnership Agreement, we have formed collaborations with Residential and Commercial Landlords.

This arrangement ensures a guaranteed income for property owners, alleviating concerns about potential tenant defaults on rent and the inability to initiate eviction processes.

Areas of Operation


We’re always looking to expand in other areas; if you’re a landlord/owner, please contact us to solve your vacancy problems.

SuperHost Customer Service

We extend the same level of care, attention, and customer service to all the short-term rentals we manage, just as we do with our own properties. This approach has enabled us to attain SuperHost Status and consistently receive 5-star reviews across all our listings.

What We Offer

Guaranteed Rental Income

By choosing to lease your property to us, you can enjoy the assurance of a steady income throughout the lease term. Say goodbye to the troubles of dealing with tenants who may not pay their rent on time or who may face financial hardships due to job loss. Instead, you can experience peace of mind as you receive a guaranteed rent payment monthly without any stress.

No Costly Tenant Turnover

When the time comes to search for a new tenant after your current tenant moves out, it can result in significant expenses:

  1. Deep cleaning and re-painting
  2. Listing fees and realtor commission fees
  3. Multiple month vacancies

These expenses can add up and have a great impact on your finances.

Less Wear & Tear

Our dedicated cleaning staff ensures that your property is maintained in excellent condition on a near-daily basis. Landlords are often taken back by the property conditions after a two-year tenancy, but with our cleaning team, you won’t have to worry about that. They work diligently to ensure the property consistently maintains an A+ level of cleanliness for our guests.

Time To Sell

When the time comes to sell your investment property for a profit, you can skip the hassle of having to evict your tenants and hope they vacate the property in time for closing. You won’t need to be concerned about eviction moratoriums either. Furthermore, your property will always be maintained in impeccable A+ condition, ready to be showcased to potential buyers.

Multiple Units? No Problem

By signing multi-year leases for 5-10 units at once, we eliminate the need for you to find individual tenants for each unit and manage payments from multiple sources. If you’re considering selling your apartment or multi-family property and have vacant units, reach out to us. We will promptly fill those units, enabling you to achieve a higher Cap Rate on your sale. This saves you both costs and time while maximizing the value of your investment.

Why Choose Clase Luxe Properties?

Deep Industry Knowledge

Trust is the foremost aspect we prioritize in our relationships with landlords and property owners. Our entire business is founded on the trust you place in us to manage your property. We go to great lengths to screen every guest beforehand and proactively take measures to ensure safety and security. Your property becomes our complete responsibility, and we are fully committed to maintaining its upkeep as it aligns with our best interests.

Trust and Safety

Each unit is equipped with Ring Video cameras that provide round-the-clock monitoring at the entrance. Inside each unit, there are Noise Detector devices that promptly notify our local on-site support staff if the noise level surpasses a specific dB threshold. For added security, Smart Locks are installed on every door. A unique code is generated for each guest, and these codes are automatically deleted upon checkout.

In-House Cleaning Staff

We directly hire our entire cleaning staff and do not rely on outsourcing to other companies. This allows us to maintain optimal quality control over our cleaning standards and ensure a consistently high level of cleanliness after each stay. Our staff undergo thorough training to pay attention to even the tiniest details, recognizing the significance of cleanliness in earning 5-star reviews.

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